14. The Triassic (from 252 to 201 M.y)

During the Triassic, Pangea was completely formed. Dryness was increasing. Little dinosaurs, Grallators let their prints along shores. Waves traces (ripples marks) testify of the cevenols sandstones costal formation.

Dinosaurs imprints

The dinosaurs imprints of the Ardèche look like ones of a little maniraptor. Would Steven Spielberg’s «Blue» grand father lived in the Ardèche ?

Dinosaurs eggs

Generally, dinosaur eggs are laid in large number. Those eggs are very small compared to the size of adult dinosaurs. The growth of the young dinosaurs is very fast.

A period for big « reptiles »

Since the begining of the Triassic, due to the 95% species extinction of the precedant period. « Reptiles » have become dominant everywhere (sky, ground, sea). Ichtyosaurus was a big marine « reptile» of this period.